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Last Updated 4/30/2018

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The Midwest Prairie Schooners was formed on July 28, 1977 as a local chapter of the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA).  The membership area is centered around Greater Kansas City, MO from Topeka, KS to Columbia, MO and from Tulsa, OK to the Iowa State border.  The purpose of this local chapter is to promote good fellowship, fun and recreation for its members.

Chapter rallies are normally scheduled for the second weekend each month throughout the camping season from April through October.  A Chapter business meeting may be held one morning of the Rally at a predetermined time.  Some meals and activities are scheduled for the rallies.  A luncheon is held by the Chapter at a local restaurant in November and December and sometimes January through March.

All members of the Midwest Prairie Schooners must be members in good standing with the FMCA.  Please click on the FMCA logo in the far left column to go to the FMCA website for additional information about the FMCA. 

The Midwest Prairie Schooners' bylaws limit the maximum membership to 50 members (RVs).   The membership limit was created to help prevent the chapter from becoming so large as to severely limit the Chapter's ability to find campgrounds that could handle the Chapter's membership.  Currently the Midwest Prairie Schooners have over 24 members (RVs).  The Chapter will stop taking new members when the membership limit is attained.  Information for contacting the Midwest Prairie Schooners is listed at the bottom of this page.


John Della Jacono - President
Ted Snell - 1st Vice President
Daryl Darling - 2nd Vice President
Michele Shields - Secretary

Bob Perry - Treasurer

Jerry Ayres - National Director
Trudy Meyers - Alternate National Director
Dennis & Tonda Smith - Wagon Master
Richard Shields - Web Master
Michele Shields- Assistant Web Master

Contact Information:

Michele Shields
Mobile 816-914-9010

FMCA Award Winning Site - 2007 & 2008

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